No misspelled names on coffee cup: StarBarako serves topnotch ‘Kapeng Barako’

Even before we all got stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and started beating up ourselves (literally beating and possibly straining our arms) in producing the most Instagrammable dalgona coffee, I was already brewing my own cup of joe using either a French press or single drip packets.

I was not a coffee drinker before I got into fitness and started lifting heavy-ish weights. When I became dedicated to the gym, coffee became my go-to pre-workout (and sometimes, during workout) drink. Black coffee has zero calories, which is why I like it. Also, it is the purest form this cup of lightning energy comes. As a simple person, I don’t like the bells and whistles i.e. adding creamer, sugar, or whatnot to mask the real coffee taste. Moreover, if you drink it black, it’s easy to spot if the beans are new or not so they can’t fool you.

My stash of coffee drip packets ran out when the lockdown was imposed in Metro Manila. I used to hoard it when I travel to Japan since there are lots of options there. Little did I know, there are also good options here in the Philippines. One of these is StarBarako, which is one of those quarantine babies, according to owner Dionie Tanada.

starbarako coffee 1

Growing up, drinking instant coffee was the convention. However, I found it too acidic, which is why I wasn’t really a fan of coffee until I learned how to brew my own. And it wasn’t that complicated. Now, with coffee drip packets, brewing on your own is even achievable with greater ease and your coffee brewing becomes portable.

starbarako coffee 4

Now, I can’t go a day without a jolt of caffeine. I continue to stay true with just drinking it plain and simple— black. That’s how I drank StarBarako too, but I feel it would still go well with sugar and cream.

StarBarako is a no-hassle and no-frills coffee drip packet that you can easily purchase online via Lazada.

starbarako coffee 3

Although the brand name sounds like Starbucks, it isn’t boujie and it doesn’t try to be. It stays true to its roots in providing powerful Barako (Liberica) flavor without breaking your wallet.

While being brutally honest they sure deliver the point across that they can’t be like Starbucks. But at least they tried— and it’s hella funny!

They aren’t trying to be hipster as well. All they wanna do is provide good and budget-friendly coffee and allow everyone to enjoy freshly brewed coffee sans their own equipment.

starbarako coffee 2

StarBarako isn’t selling a cup of lifestyle but a cup of coffee experience to people who want to be economical without sacrificing taste and quality.

At present, StarBarako has provided opportunities to a handful of resellers during the pandemic. They continuously look for new resellers and are also exploring other coffee beans aside from Barako.

In addition to coffee drip packets, they also sell:

StarBarako Coffee

StarBarako on Facebook

Contact number: +639285243879

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