No, Jealousy is NOT a Sign of Love

Words by Leika Golez

These days apparently, some people think that jealousy is cute. Well, I think that’s just one big misconception. In my opinion, jealousy stems from various factors, but it’s definitely not love. It can be insecurity that you’ll be replaced or selfishness to just keep a person to yourself. Media romanticizes jealousy so much to the extent that this mindset is tolerated, and even worse, glorified.

But contrary to popular belief, jealousy isn’t cute. Here’s why.

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4. You start assuming

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been jealous before. And oftentimes, it doesn’t end well. The moment you start feeling envious, you jump to conclusions. Those situations you imagine may seem silly to others but you’re so caught up in our own bubble that everything suddenly looks so realistic. Quite frankly, it’s like you just set yourself up for anxiety. You get so worked up for nothing, and it’s just not healthy for both you and your partner.

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3. It’s very possessive

Like I said earlier, jealousy can’t be a sign of love, but it can signify desire. Sometimes, a person becomes to be so infatuated with someone and it gets toxic. There’s this insatiable craving for the unrealistic assurance that your partner’s world should revolve around you and only you. But shouldn’t true love be selfless? If you truly love someone, you shouldn’t be greedy with them at all.

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2. It means that you don’t trust your partner

Sure, the thought of your partner leaving will always be at the back of your head since we all have baggage anyway. But it shouldn’t overpower everything else in your relationship. It’s not fun to spend a night sleeplessly overthinking while your partner is out with friends. And it’s also not fun to just never allow them to go out on their own. You’re supposed to spend some time apart without having to obsessively worry about each other. Isn’t that the whole point of being in an official relationship?

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1. And you don’t trust yourself either

It’s simple. You’re scared that you’ll never be enough so you can’t help but think that your partner deserves someone better. And at some point in your relationship, he’s going to meet that better someone and just replace you.

But really, if you can’t trust yourself, then you shouldn’t be in a relationship in the first place. Like they say, you’re supposed to enter a relationship already whole. In that way, your life will still be bigger than your partner.

The main takeaway? There’s so much more to you than just a relationship. Learn to appreciate yourself first. Because if ever your irrational fears suddenly come true and your partner leaves you, at least you still have yourself.

And that’s really the only thing you’ll need.

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