No DSLR? No Problem! Capture Awesome Travel Photos & Videos with Confidence with this Amazing Smartphone.

2 years ago,  I wrote about my 1st European trip using my Huawei P8. —->

Back then, I was so thrilled and mesmerized for finally having my dream phone (it really was). 2 years have passed and now, I’m back in Europe for a 2-week trip. Before leaving Manila, I actually contemplated for days if I’m to still bring my ever beloved DSLR camera. You see, I still love using my DSLR during formal food shoots however, since my unit and lens are too big and heavy, I find it too impractical to bring during trips…. Especially now that I’m using the Huawei P10 plus.

And yeah, with the photos and videos I was able to produce during my 15-day trip around Europe, I feel proud to have made the right decision to bring and use only my Huawei P10 Plus.

Allow me to share with you some of my most treasured shots during the trip straight from my Instagram account. I actually have hundreds of photos in my phone, so picking the best ones to highlight was super difficult. Included here as well are some RAW/unedited photos and short videos so you can truly appreciate its camera features.

It’s my 2nd time in Paris and it sure felt great to be back. Spent 7 full days touring around all the must-see places – places I wasn’t able to visit last time. Didn’t mind the Paris heat wave… we just took loads and loads of photos whenever we had the chance.

Why was I there in the 1st place? I was invited by AirAsia to cover the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2017 where they won as World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for 9 consecutive years. During the event coverage, I only used my Huawei P10 Plus to capture photos, videos and even did a couple of Live Broadcasts on Facebook. Impressive performance!

After our event coverage, we continued on with the daily tours and food hunting around Paris.

Enjoyed my daily trips to the organic shop to buy fruits and cherries.  Look at those colors! (no filter)

I just really love my Huawei P10 Plus‘ BOKEH effect feature. (no filter)

Taken during the annual Gay Pride Parade (no filter)

Here’s a RAW photo after a trip to the grocery. I really love how the  Huawei P10 Plus automatically adjusts exposure, contrast, and vibrance. Leica’s technology is truly excellent.

Aside from taking still photos, one reason why I’m so hooked on my Huawei P10 Plus is that it also captures stunning video footages with BOKEH. If you want to start a VLOG, this is sooo ideal to use instead of buying a mirrorless camera. You can edit your clips on your phone and post right away! Check out this video I made in less than an hour…

Here’s another video I made using my ever reliable Huawei P10 Plus when were attended a Wine & Cheese Tasting activity by

Yesterday we got to try 1 of the countless tours and cool activities anywhere in the world offered by @kkdayph. Super nice! We enjoyed over 1.5 hours of tasting wines and cheeses from different regions in France. I Learned a lot from our wine sommelier and loved the wine list and cheeses he prepared for us. Next time you visit France, I highly recommend you try this out too! Check out for more info. ???? #HuaweiP10Ph #OO #Standout @huaweimobileph #WhenInParis #DonyaticDiaries #BloggersInParis ???? #kkdayph #travelwithkkday @kkdayph ⚡ #Flytpack #FlytpackTravels #FlytpackRecommends @flytpackph ENJOY 100php OFF on your Flytpack rental by using this special code FLYTPACKWIM from June 18 to July 18, 2017

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And so after 7 days, it was then time for us to move to another city… next destination, Alsace region, France.

The region of Alsace was simply beyond compare. In this region is where you’ll find the most beautiful villages in France. Every town looked like a scene from a fairy tale.

Here are my favorite snaps from Alsace – my new favorite place in the world.

After exploring Alsace, we headed down south to spend a couple of days in Aix en Provence…. OMG, the whole experience was soooo magical.

When in Provence, be sure to include these in your itinerary:

 A visit to the Lavender fields

  The monastery/ asylum where famous artist Vincent Van Gogh stayed for 2 years. This is also the place where he painted 150 of his famous works.

This is also the place where he painted 150 of his famous works.

 In San Remy, you may also visit the house and museum of Nostradamus.

After conquering the south of France, it was time for us to leave the country and transfer to  Venice, Italy.

  I rarely take selfies or photos of myself because I used to lack confidence. But when I started using the Huawei P10 Plus, I noticed my own selfies/photos looked better. #Nakakaganda

Before flying back home, I also made this video as a tribute to all the gentle furry creatures I met during this journey.

Here’s a checklist of the things I love about the Huawei P10 Plus after testing it on this trip..

  1. Images are noticeably sharper and more vibrant because of its Leica Summilux dual lens
  2. Selfies are leveled-up
  3. It’s BOKEH effects on both stills and videos make photos even more alive.
  4. It has a PRO manual mode so I can have complete control over its settings
  5. Charging is super quick because it charges using a USB- type C port.
  6. It doesn’t heat up even when I do Facebook live for over 30 minutes.
  7. It has a lot of picture modes that you can choose from to add more drama to your shots.
  8. Its screen is super clear. I can see and appreciate my photos even more. Even after posting it on Facebook, it still shows in high resolution
  9. It has a large internal storage, so it can store a lot of image files even in hi-res. Ideal
  10. Its fingerprint lock/unlock feature provides me with more security.

Do I recommend it? OMG, YES YES YES!! You won’t regret it, I swear!

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