“No Boyfriend, No Problem.” Have Pia Wurtzbach and Marlon Stockinger Called It Quits?

Earlier today, Pia Wurtzbach posted an OOTD (Outfit of the Day) shot on her Instagram account. It may have looked harmless at first glance, but one look at the caption and her biggest fans have started to wonder whether Pia is single again.

The Instagram photo was taken on the streets of Los Angeles with Pia in a casual outfit of a tank top and boyfriend jeans. The caption, however, starts with, “No boyfriend, no problem.” And a stalker-ish scan of her Instagram account shows that all of her photos with Marlon Stockinger are no longer on her feed, either.

If she is, though, women commenting on the photo seem to feel empowered by her move of announcing it this way. “Let’s be like Pia,” one netizen commented since it seems like Pia isn’t affected at all (and looks absolutely gorgeous in the process). Other netizens are also showing her support, even though nothing is actually confirmed yet, saying, “It’s okay, Miss Pia. Just enjoy your life and wait for the right person who will love you and protect you.”

Do you think the two have called it quits or does the caption not mean anything at all?

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