Nintendo Switch Online adds classic NES and SNES games for free

Great news for all those loyal to Nintendo and their games! Nintendo Switch Online has just released three SNES/NES games for free as long as you’re subscribed online. Exciting! The three are The Immortal, Natsume Championship Wrestling, and Donkey Kong CountryThe Immortal is a game that came out in 1990 and is described to be a dark action-adventure fantasy game. Natsume Championship Wrestling debuted back in 1994 and was a widely popular wrestling game based on All Japan Pro Wrestling. And, of course, arguably the most popular, Donkey Kong Country which also came out in 1994 where you play as Donkey Kong trying to take down his nemesis K. Rool.

donkey kong country

If you have an online subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, you’ll have access to these three games as well as other classic SNES and NES games for free. Brb, I’m gonna look for anything with Kirby!

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