Nik Makino’s ‘Neneng B’ MV Gets Taken Down After Allegedly Stealing the Beat From an International Artist

Filipino singer Nik Makino is currently under fire for allegedly stealing the beat of his new song “Neneng B” from international artist Roko Tensei.

Neneng B Nik Makino

Roko Tensei, who is a music producer from Europe, went on Twitter on Friday, November 15, to publicly call out Nik for stealing his work. “[Filipino] artist @nikmakinobish stole my beat ‘Relax’ for his song ‘Neneng B’,” he said. He also argued that Nik owes him “a lot of money” and that he plans to take legal action against the singer.

Roko also filed a copyright claim on the official music video for “Neneng B” just as it was released on November 15. The video is no longer available for viewing on YouTube.

As of writing, Nik has yet to issue a statement regarding Roko’s allegations. However, Roko posted a new tweet updating everyone that he has been coordinating with Raf Davis, a local artist who worked with Nik on “Neneng B,” to reach an agreement.

“If everything goes well the video will be back ASAP,” Roko shared.

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The song, which has been up on YouTube for six months and has garnered more than 10 million views to date, now credits Roko Tensei as the producer.

Listen to the song below:

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