Nihonbashitei: Authentic Japanese Dining

When in Manila and in search for an authentic Japanese restaurant, then you must definitely try Nihonbashitei‘s luscious meals. I’m a sucker for Japanese food. I could literally eat Japanese cuisine my entire life. Sushi, sashimi, miso soup, tempura, I just simply cannot resist. The first time I tried Nihonbashitei was at a family gathering, and ever since then, I found my self going back to the place at least once a month. There would even be days wherein I would eat there for 2 days in a row. The place is especially packed during lunch and dinner. Parking space may seem limited, but not to worry because they have free valet service.
A number of Japanese restaurants claim to be “authentic”, but what does being “authentic” really mean? It means that something is genuine and crafted in a traditional way. Well, Nihonbashitei is truly Japanese by heart. Once you’ve tried their mouth-watering meals, you would, without a doubt, realize how they truly live up to the “Authentic Japanese” image. You would also notice that their menu is originally in Japanese with English translations on the side.

It cannot get more authentic than that.

Before you order anything, make sure you request for the other menu especially when you decide to come in during lunch time. There are basically two sets: The first one is the restaurant’s classic menu which consists of all their truly authentic Japanese servings good for any time of the day. The second menu is good only for lunch time which is from 1:00 to 5:00 PM. In here you will find different set meals which is a much cheaper price than ordering each menu item individually. Take this tempura set as an example which is affordably priced at only 280php!
One of their bestseller is the Toro Spicy Sashimi which is more popularly known as Spicy Tuna with mayo, hot sauce and topped off with tempura breading. Although it is already spicy in itself, I still enjoy it with a little bit of wasabi and Kikoman. If you want it in a roll then you can order the Toro Spicy Maki which is basically the same thing but rolled with rice.
Everything they serve is to-die-for! Every scrumptious bite makes me wanting it even more.

I could literally eat and give all their meals a go if only my stomach had unlimited space.

For those of you who want to try other traditional Japanese meals such as eels and sea urchin, then don’t hesitate to do so as this is the place where you want to experience it first. Among the other things that we enjoyed are the Salmon Sashimi,  Chicken Katsu, Tonkatsu, Tofu Steak, California Maki, and Fresh Calamansi Juice to water down everything we ate.



Most of the meals at Nihonbashitei are for sharing, so make sure that you bring your friends, family, and even neighbors! If you’re planning to go during peak hours which is usually at lunch or dinner, then you can reserve for a table. If you want a private space, then you can also reserve for the private rooms at no additional cost. This is a place to enjoy not only good and authentic Japanese food but also the company of your loved ones.

When in Manila and you find yourself craving for authentic Japanese meals, then make sure you don’t miss out on the Nihonbashitei experience.

806 Arnaiz Ave., Pasay Rd. Makati City, Metro Manila Philippines
(02) 818-88-93 (02) 818-88-57 (02) 893-67-39
Operating hours: Everyday from 11am to 12MN
Smoking area: Yes
Nihonbashitei: Authentic Japanese Dining