WATCH: Nico Bolzico Films Funny Parody of Matteo Guidicelli’s Unboxing Video

Nico Bolzico has joined in on the fun of reacting to Matteo Guidicelli’s controversial unboxing video with a hilarious parody video of his own.

On Instagram, Nico created a comparison video of how “normal people” would unbox gifts VS how Matteo ended up unboxing his new Sony PlayStation 4 Pro. Nico first exhibited how he would personally showcase a gift given to him, gently handling the fragile and valuable items that were inside the box. Then, he presented how Matteo would do it by exaggeratedly shaking the box and slamming it on the table, consequently breaking the delicate item inside.

Of course, knowing Nico, the video was only intended to be a lighthearted jab at his good friend. “No hard feelings Mat! #Bolzicelli,” he said.

Matteo has yet to respond to the joke.

Watch the clip below!

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Matteo has been the subject of criticism ever since he posted a vlog of him unboxing his new Sony PS4 Pro where he tore the carton and recklessly handled the controllers and other devices inside the package. He has already taken down the video as of writing.

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