Nicki Minaj in Manila: A Day of Pink Tresses and Outrageous Dresses




When in Manila, you can deny all you want but I know you’re guilty of trying to memorize Super Bass at least once in your life.


There’s something about Nicki Minaj’s songs that makes them so contagious and heart stopping. I just know that when I’m anywhere with my girls and intro of Starships begins to play, we drop everything, sing our hearts out – complete with facial expressions and hand gestures, and surrender to the moment of happiness and good vibes.


That’s how it is to experience Nicki Minaj. What more live?


For one night, exclusively for Globe and Blackberry patrons, she came to Manila to perform her hit singles and being among the lucky few who were part of that night, I can say that I’ve seen Barbie come to life. 




She looked so gorgeous in all of her costumes. She went from retro to glamorous, a la Marilyn Monroe. Like I said, she’s a real doll. A few days before her visit, she had been tweeting about how ill she felt. Despite that, she came with all-out energy and looked quite amazing — as usual. She finished the show and left us wanting more.


She performed most of her chart topping songs including Starships, Beez In The Trap, Stupid Hoe, Right By My Side, Moment 4 Life,Turn me on, Where Them Girls At, and of course SUPER BASS — which she pretended to have forgotten as a pun — where we reacted violently. But I’m sure I wasn’t the only one disappointed when she left the DJ to play her other hits like Your Love and Fly.


She must’ve had a pretty bad cold or a really sore throat so it’s alright. Either way, we enjoyed the night!




It’s always an eye-opening adventure to watch an artist perform live. It’s a make or break move. I respect singers like Lady Gaga, Britney spears, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj who put heart and 100% effort to please the crowd. Props to her for giving us a great time.




As most foreign artists would do, she mentioned how much she loved the crowd and how beautiful the country was. She looked sincere and she was sweet enough to invite a couple of teenage girls up to the stage to dance with her — Lucky kids!




After the show she came out once more (in her pink bathrobe) and blew kisses — how sweet.


She probably wanted to give us the encore we were asking for but she drained all her energy due to her electrifying performances.


 – Starships – 

 – Super Bass – 


When in Manila, you should never miss another Pink Friday, or should I say Pink Wednesday?

For more photos of the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday tour click here.



 Nicki Minaj in Manila: A Day of Pink Tresses and Outrageous Dresses


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