NFJPIA Region IV to hold the 19th General Assembly: BEATNIK


            On September 18,2016 (Sunday), NFJPIA Region IV will hold its biggest non- academic event called The 19th General Assembly: Beatnik at El Grande Residencia Hotel and Resort, Lipa City Batangas. This would be a fun- filled day with non- academic activities such as Siniratura 3, NFJPIA Best Dance Crew Ft. Duo, JPIA Parody, JPIAn Idol, Speak Up, Fashion House competition, Lipsync Battle and AOG’s Primer. 1500-2000 BSA students all over the region are expected to come and feel the essence of being a Beatnik (young person of 50’s – 60’s). The primary objectives of the event are as follows:

  • To build camaraderie and establish a unified NFJPIA Region IV.
  • To showcase the talents and increase the interest of JPIANs in non-academic competitions.
  • To promote leadership, stability and meaningful social development through diverse activities and programs.
  • To field teams that are skilled, disciplined, dedicated, and motivated to provide holistic development of the members.

            The above-mentioned non- academic activities are integral part of the total development of the region’s JPIAns. Through these activities, they shall have an opportunity to develop the value of sportsmanship, cultivate a wholesome competitive spirit and acquire the liability to work closely together with other JPIANs from different local chapters and provinces. It is for sure that GA participants will be exposed in performing arts and other social and team-building experience. This would be the region’s third event for the federation year 2016-2017.

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