Newton Shoes and Running Better in 60 Days

You’re putting in the hours on the track. You’re logging kilometer after kilometer on the streets. In fact, you’re at your peak form – at your healthiest and strongest. Can you run any better? Of course, and the answer is right at your feet, literally. Run better with Newton shoes, the scientifically-engineered running and racing kicks built for runners.

Run Better in 60 Days with Newton Shoes

This year, Newton Philippines introduces 60 Days of Better, a promo wherein just changing to a pair of Newtons will help improve your running form and/or time, all in 60 days. If this doesn’t work for you, the brand guarantees to recompense you for your trouble.

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Colorful line of Newton shoes this season.

How exactly does Newton shoes make running better in just 60 days? I found this out the practical way: by lacing up in my own Newton shoes, training and participating in road races in them.

The first two weeks of using Newton shoes is strange at best, and at times downright uncomfortable. The zero drop on the heel in addition to the thick lugs on the forefoot make for a ‘weird’ running experience, especially to one used to thick-soled regular running pairs.

In fact, after every training sessions, one should expect sore calves, The rewards of getting used to Newtons shoes are great, however.

Newtons ‘force’ smaller but more frequent steps, increasing an otherwise slower running cadence. With proper form (upper body slightly leaning forward and feet staying under the body during the running motion), I have found that my pace did increase, with minimal increase in effort. That alone was a big deal for myself, since I run in about 2-3 running events a month.

To make the results more compelling, I scored two personal bests while wearing my Newton shoes:

I would personally not recommend using the Newton shoes I used, the Newton MV2, for a half-marathon without taking the pair for a couple of ten-milers first. Having said all of this, please remember that nothing beats proper training, proper nutrition, and sufficient sleep when it comes to improving performance.

Read my review on the Newton MV2 here: Newton Shoes – MV2

What are you waiting for, then? Head over to your nearest RUNNR Store and try on a pair of Newton Philippines’ top-notch engineered shoes!

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Newton Shoes and Better Running