News: Incoming Education Secretary To Prioritize Alternative Learning System

About a week ago, we’ve shared with you, 11 inspiring graduation stories that prove education has no limit. Those stories were enough proof that despite hardship and poverty, Filipinos are eager to learn and finish studies to have a better future. As fate would have it, the incoming education secretary, Leonor Briones, has shown interest in prioritizing the benefits of the alternative learning system (ALS), ABS-CBN reported.

According to the news, the said initiative was to provide equal opportunities for those who will not be covered by the K to 12 program. Since K-12 was introduced, which added two years to Philippines’ basic 10-year basic education cycle, many were affected and couldn’t enjoy the benefits of it. Briones explained to a reporter in Davao City, “K-12 covers schoolchildren, but how about the 25-year-old farmer who’s only Grade 4, or the tricycle driver who’s 50 years old?”

Prof. Leonor Briones

Photo credit: CNN Philippines

Briones also said that ALS should have adequate funds to cater to those who will benefit from the program.

What is Alternative Learning System?


ALS or Alternative Learning System is a parallel learning system of the Philippines that provides free education implemented by the Department of Education (DepEd).  It is a practical option to those who do not have or cannot access formal education in schools. ALS includes both the non-formal and informal sources of knowledge and skills.

Just recently, we shared an ex-offender from Quezon City, who finished school through an ALS system while he was still in jail. The QC mayor believes that people who have fervent desire to finish studies must be given a chance.

Anything that deals with education is vital. I hope this will progress.

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