Newly-built MRT Coaches Apparently NOT Safe According to MRTH

Just recently, we shared with you the images of the newly-built MRT coaches courtesy of Sedfrey Lacsamana, whose wife works at the Department Of Transportation and Communications (DOTC).

MRT new coaches

According to him, he was lucky to have experienced, “test drive” the new MRT coaches.

He also informed us through a quick chat on Facebook that “they are just still training the drivers because the coaches are manufactured by a different company since it has a different driving console.”

MRT new coaches

However, just when I thought the commuters will have a better alternative transportation moving forward, the mother company of the MRT Corporation, the private owner of the MRT, it wouldn’t recommend taking the new train for safety reasons, CNN reports.

It was also mentioned in the report that while the units will be operational for two months, they wouldn’t recommend taking it because of incomplete tests.

Meanwhile, the Transportation Secretary Joseph Abaya said otherwise. Apparently, he mentioned to CNN that “MRTH has no right to give an opinion as it has long abandoned its obligations with the MRT.”

Earlier this year, the DOTC had already announced that the new maintenance team shall fulfill the MRT maintenance requirements for 3 years, beginning January 4, 2016. (Source: Rappler)

In addition, the Department of Transportation and Communications or DOTC’s press release, which was also shared by other publications, read: “the contract will allow the new service provider to procure the necessary spare parts needed to increase the number of operating trains, especially during peak hours.”

What does the contract cover:

  • Covers general overhaul of the trains
  • Replacement of the signalling systems

Other improved facilities:

  • New and stronger passenger hand straps (according to Rappler, all are already installed for safety)
  • Refurbishment of 12 Schindler-brand escalators to be completed by next week
  • Tap and Go ticketing systems

Hopefully, these new MRT coaches will bring a tremendous difference and resiliently improve our MRT ride.

Would you still use the new MRT coaches? Share your thoughts below.