These Newest Products Will Help Your Skin Look Fresh All the Time

Inspired by the latest breakthrough science Estée Lauder introduces the NEW Estée Lauder Nutritious Collection, a holistic solution to unburden the look of dull, “grumpy” skin. Potent and high performance, and up to 97% naturally-derived, the formulas are consciously designed for normal, oily or combination skin with visible imbalances such as enlarged pores, excess oil, irritation, redness, and dullness. Infused into each delicately calibrated formula is nutrient-rich Nutri-9 Complex, composed of skin-nourishing ingredients that help reduce shine, keep pores clear, fight redness, and strengthen skin to restore radiance and natural vibrancy. 


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The New Nutritious Collection includes 4 products with unique, sensorial textures: 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser, Radiant Essence Lotion, Melting Soft Creme/Mask, and Airy Lotion

Estée Lauder Nutritious 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser PHP 1,950 125ml 

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This rich, cloud-like foam cleanses and deeply purifies to leave skin feeling fresh and comfortable. Infused with potent, nutrient-rich Nutri-9 Complex. Used as a daily cleanser or a weekly 1-minute purifying mask, the formula helps declog pores to reduce the look of blackheads, removes excess oil, restores radiance and leaves skin feeling smooth. 

After just 1 application: 

  • Pores appear minimized by -17%

Estée Lauder Nutritious Radiant Essence Lotion PHP 2,850 200ml 


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This watery, cushioning lotion delivers a hydrating infusion to help awaken, balance, and calm the look of skin. Infused with potent, nutrient-rich Nutri-9 Complex. Used as the first step after cleansing to prepare skin for the regimen that follows, the essence lotion reduces the look of pores and oiliness, strengthens the skin barrier, restores radiance, and prevents redness. 

Clinical testing showed: 

  • Helps prevent redness 
  • Oiliness looks reduced: -40% 
  • Pores look minimized: -31%

Estée Lauder Nutritious Airy Lotion PHP 2,550 100ml 

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Photo: Estée Lauder

This lightweight, milky lotion energizes with 24hr moisture to help skin re-balance, refresh and renew. Infused with potent, nutrient-rich Nutri-9 Complex. Airy lotion reduces the look of pores, oiliness and red post-acne marks, soothe visible redness, restores skin’s healthy oil-water balance, strengthens the skin barrier, and reveals glowing radiant skin. 

Clinical testing showed: 

  • Pores look minimized: -29% 
  • Oiliness looks reduced: -33% 
  • Moisture is boosted after 1 application 
  • Redness appears reduced after 1 application 

Estée Lauder Nutritious Melting Soft Creme / Mask PHP 3,950 50ml 

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Photo: Estée Lauder

This pillowy-soft creme with a comfortable, cushy feel melts into skin to calm, renew and strengthen skin with soothing 24hr hydration. Infused with potent, nutrient-rich Nutri-9 Complex. Used as a daily creme or as a weekly leave-on mask, the formula reduces the look of pores, oiliness and red post-acne marks, helps strengthen the skin barrier, prevents redness and restores radiance. 

Clinical testing12 showed: 

  • Oiliness looks reduced by -52% 
  • Pores look minimized by -41%


The NEW Nutritious Collection is inspired by the breakthrough science of Nutrigenomics, the emerging study of how nutrients communicate with biological pathways. Nutrigenomics research shows that a holistic, diverse, nutrient-based diet is critical for a healthy body. Similarly, nutrient-deficient skin tends to be more prone to instability. Specifically, six nutrient categories are considered most important to maintain healthy-looking skin – minerals, phyto-nutrients, vitamins, isoflavones, polyphenols and essential fats. Understanding these important research findings, the new Nutritious formulas contain a blend of diverse nutrient-rich , naturally derived ingredients to provide balanced “nutrition” to allow skin to flourish. 


Designed to target multiple biological pathways to help rebalance skin, Nutri-9 Complex is powered by 9 ingredients, rich in skin-craving essential vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals, including:

  • Responsibly sourced Sweet Kelp, harvested in the wild off the Brittany coast and gently cold-processed to preserve its natural nutrients, helps fight sebum production to prevent excess.
  • Responsibly sourced Red Algae Ferment, created from micro-algae grown outdoors in an algae cultivation farm and fermented by the power of the sun, helps deliver soothing power.
  • Proprietary Coconut Water Ferment, fermented via an exclusive process developed by Estée Lauder’s in-house bio-fermentation lab and precisely-purified using pharmaceutical grade filtrations, helps boost skin’s natural hyaluronic acid production for continuous, lasting hydration and oil-water balance. 



Photo: Estée Lauder

Ideal for “grumpy” skin that faces imbalances such as dullness, enlarged pores, excess oil, and irritation, redness and dullness, Nutritious treatments helps skin flourish:

  • Reduces the Look of Pores and Oily Shine — Minimizes the look of O-shaped pores, reduces skin’s oily appearance, restores skin’s healthy oil-water balance, and reduces the look of red post-acne marks [Asia: and soothes bikou bumps] 
  • Strengthens Barrier and Soothes Visible Redness — Fortifies skin’s barrier, delivers long-lasting hydration, prevents the look of redness, and leaves skin feeling calmed and less reactive 
  • Restores Radiance and Refines Texture — Energizes skin with vibrant, healthy-looking radiance, reduces dullness, and refines skin’s texture for a smoother look and feel. 


  • Nutritious formulas are Environmental Working Group (EWG) VERIFIED and crafted using The Estée Lauder Companies’ Green Chemistry Methodology*. This methodology is a data-driven approach to evaluating formulas through the lenses of human health, ecosystem health and the environment to measure and improve innovation in sustainability, while maintaining product performance standards. 

*For more information about the green chemistry methodology, please visit the journal Green Chemistry at

  • Nutritious packaging is designed with recyclable FSC-certified cartons and all product bottles include more than 20% post-consumer recycled content. Select packaging is recyclable, dependent on location.
  • Up to 97% naturally derived formulas, the Nutritious collection is consciously formulated—and free of animal-derived ingredients, fragrance, synthetic colors, parabens, phthalates, sulfite, sulfates, silicones, drying alcohol, oil, paraffin, petrolatum, triclosan, triclocarban.

Appropriate for normal/oily/combination and acne-prone skin. Does not clog pores (non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic). 


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