Newest Philippine Basketball Association PBA Team: Clickers at the Cuneta Astrodome

When in Manila, you’ll find that basketball is an all time favorite sport for most people. It’s an intricate part of our culture and our lives! So it was with great pleasure that I’m able to step forth into this “rite of passage” of watching my first live basketball game, at the same time that a new team was making their Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) debut! Here’s the story of my very first live PBA game with the very new Clickers PBA team!

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Basketball in the Philippines is life! Take a walk around your neighborhood and you’ll see shirtless young men in slippers sweating it out under the scorching heat of the sun just to keep the game going.

Try, if only you can, knocking at doors on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays, then going inside those typical homes to see if what they’re up to. Chances are you’ll see people glued on their seats with eyes on their television, watching live streaming of the night’s PBA games.

It’s the same at home. My parents are basketball fans, especially my dad. I’m not into the sport but I can consider myself a fan as well. I watched a number of college / UAAP basketball games live, both men’s and women’s. Also, some of my friends are basketball players themselves.

However, me and my friends are bummers and we haven’t watched a single Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) game live! We were dying to watch any PBA game live since forever but we really didn’t know why we haven’t found the time until last night.

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There were five of us and it was everyone’s, except for one, first time so just imagine how excited we are when we finally found our seats. Good thing is we’re not the only first timers. Let’s welcome the Clickers debuting in their first Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) game ever as a new team!

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Just by the team’s name, it’s sure to grab anyone’s attention. It’s the first time that a basketball team adopted a name of a Web site! Also, you’ll probably say that’s why they’re called Clickers but wait ‘til you find out that it’s actually a combination of Clippers and Lakers.

It’s a feel good team for our group because the team has fresh faces. They’ve got Hermida, Sena, Sison and Canta — four out of the ten youngest players in today’s PBA. Ritualo, Espiritu and Duncil also bring with them college / UAAP memories. The team’s young but as you all know it, young players got the best of spirits and the most powerful of legs.

We were not disappointed. Ritualo gave a good game with a total of 19 points. It makes sense that the return of his tandem with Coach Franz Pumaren will do well for the team. His 3pts skill still shows. Of course, what could be expected from the 2002 PBA Rookie of the Year? On the other hand, Duncil still has his MVP moves, Mirza did some three points and Sison did a good straight 4 points at the start of the second half. Espiritu however could have done better.

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It didn’t look good at the start of the game but maybe this is because it’s their first game. Despite the first time feel, we can say that they were really in for a fight as we saw how they try to keep pace in running. They also got the audience cheering for them when from a 42-55 at the end of the 2nd quarter, they did a 9-0 run at the start of the third quarter. Clickers were up against the Powerade Tigers. They were given a rude welcome to their PBA start with a 98-87 loss. It was still a great game though for the Clickers who did not go down without a fight. The fans are expecting even bigger and brighter things from them and the only way to go from here is UP!

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As for my friends and I, it was one great first time! Our first ever LIVE PBA game was one to remember!

When in Manila, be sure to check out your favorite PBA basketball teams LIVE at the Cuneta Astrodome! It’s a rite of passage that every young Filipino and Filipina should try! Do show some love too for the newest and youngest team in the PBA , the Clickers!

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 Newest Philippine Basketball Association PBA Team: Clickers at the Cuneta Astrodome