New Zealand Goes on Lockdown Due to 1 COVID-19 Case

New Zealand is one of the countries that have impressively handled the pandemic and now the country will be on lockdown due to one COVID-19 case.

According to New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, it is the first locally transmitted COVID-19 case since February. In a Press Conference, they revealed that results from genome sequencing are not yet available but many are afraid that it may be the more contagious Delta variant.

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The COVID-19 case is an unvaccinated 58-year-old man from Auckland who traveled different parts of the country, shared Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield.

New Zealand will be under their stricter level of lockdown for 3 days and only hospitals and essential services like supermarkets and pharmacies will be allowed to be operate.

It can be remembered that New Zealand closed their boarders almost immediately when the pandemic happened and they have imposed strict lockdowns and quarantines for cases and incoming travelers. Because of this, the country was able to successfully opened their economy and returned to almost normal daily life.