Calling all Writers, Composer, Librettists, Lyricists, Directors, Music Directors, Choreographers, Music & Theatre Students, Teachers, and Musical Theatre Lovers !!!!!

New York-based Broadway Director, Choreographer and Writer JOE BARROS  will be in Manila to hold a MASTERCLASS ON CREATING AND DEVELOPING NEW MUSICALS  on Sunday, March 31, 2019 from 9 AM to 6 PM at The Opera Haus, 3657 Bautista Street, Brgy. La Paz, Makati City.

This is a full day musical theatre intensive about the process of incubating and developing a new musical from the ground up. Barros will coach and guide participants on the various processes of developing a new musical and will work closely with each participant on his/her musical material. No matter where their shows are in its developmental stage, Joe will guide the participants through a unique and innovative process.


Participants will learn from watching Joe guides their colleagues, and will also receive first-hand advice, guidance, and support. Barros will explore, review, and investigate the material from the point of view of an American director, playwright, choreographer, producer, and incubator of new musicals to give participants the tools needed for a potential Broadway bound musical.

Barros has a passion for creating original musicals that challenge audiences through provocative stories and innovative storytelling. He believes that it is a time like no other to be creating theatre. As the world is rapidly changing, it is important to find new and exciting ways to tell stories that bring us together, rather than divide us.

Bastard Jones

Joe Barros is the Artistic Director of New York Theatre Barn, a Manhattan based non-profit theatre company dedicated to incubating original musicals that challenge audiences through provocative stories and innovative storytelling.

Since the company’s inception in 2007, Joe has created 3 core-programming platforms to develop new musicals in front of a live audience. The company most recently developed Sam’s Room – a musical inspired by real stories of nonverbal teens who find a way to communicate, and Eastbound – a musical told in Mandarin Chinese and English about a Chinese adoptee who needs a bone marrow transplant from a blood relative to survive.

Joe is currently writing a musical about Ryan White, the teenage hemophiliac who became the poster child for AIDS in the 1980’s (with an all-teenage cast), and is also developing the new musical Mommie Dearest with Christina Crawford and David Nehls. Some of his Broadway works as associate director are Gigi starring Vanessa Hudgens and Victoria Clark and the upcoming Broadway revival of Titanic.

Fees for Main Participants is Php4500 and Observer/Audience Participants is Php2500. Slot is limited, so reserve now!

For more info, you may contact 09154478959.