New Year, New Look With Creative Colors By Buddy Congson

I’ve always been adventurous with my hair. Since I had it bleached 3 years ago, I ‘ve always had it colored with unusual colors. Though I enjoy being blonde or having an almost white hair color, I was always on the lookout for a new color.

There is only 1 person whom I trust to bleach and color my hair. If you have seen my previous hair-related articles, the person who does my hair didn’t change. Buddy Congson, whom I met for a Brazilian Blowout feature a few years back, specializes in Hair Coloring. I always trusted him with my hair because he uses quality products and impeccable techniques that my hair had came to love.


We decided not to bleach my hair (yet). And experimented with darker roots and with different shades of green throughout.


Buddy being an expert colorist mixes and brushes different shades of green to get that dimension and sea-like colors that I want. I never had green hair but this green pastel like shade is perfect for my mermaid hair goals.


Usually, Buddy uses Olaplex after bleaching my hair. This is one of the reasons why my hair didn’t go brittle even though it went through so many treatments and chemicals. For the hair color, he used a wax-like hair dye that is more long-lasting than most dyes on the market. It leaves your hair with that grape-like scent.


This is the finished product after some quick blow dry to style it. If you are looking for a new look this 2018, why not try something bold? Maybe green? Or maybe the color of the year- Purple!

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