New Things You Can Do on Canva: Create Visual Docs and Websites, and Remove Background in Videos

Canva introduces a series of new workplace products and features created to empower anyone to communicate visually, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Here are some of Canva’s new features:

Canva Docs

Canva Docs

Photo / Canva

Canva Docs makes traditional text documents more visually captivating, while also including key collaboration features like comments and real-time collaboration. You can also access Canva’s library of 100 million+ videos, GIFs, photos, illustrations, and more and embed them into your work. Canva Docs can easily be turned into a fully-fledged Canva Presentation with the simple click of a button.

Create websites on Canva

Canva website

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You can now create websites on Canva from any device within minutes even if you don’t have the technical skills. You can choose from the hundreds of responsive professional-level website templates, customizable domains, and adjustable page heights. The feature also comes with Canva’s new Design Insights analytics feature, which sheds light on site visits and allows you to get a pulse on audience and interest.

Canva Whiteboards

Canva Whiteboards

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Combining the simplicity of Canva’s editing experience with an infinite canvas, Canva Whiteboards comes with a range of features designed for brainstorming and team collaboration. From sticky notes to images and diagrams, a synced timer to keep brainstorming on track, and more, this new product embraces the world of hybrid work to encourage collaboration and productivity in distributed teams.

Remove backgrounds on video

Canva Background Remover

Photo / Canva

One of Canva’s most popular features is now available as part of the Canva Video Suite. You can remove the background from any video with one click, making it faster and easier than ever to create professional-looking content without huge budgets or complex software.

Print with Canva

Canva Print

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Canva Print makes the process simple and approaches it in a sustainable way. As of today, you can print more than 35 products through Canva Print and have them delivered to your doorstep in record time. This includes everything from invitations to flyers, photo books, hoodies, mugs, posters, and much more. Canva will plant a tree for every print order placed through its partnership One Print, One Tree reforestation program. As of today, more than 2.4 million trees have been planted with a further five million trees to be planted by the end of the year.

Data visualization

Flourish makes it possible to turn dense data and statistics into simple, clear, and easy-to-understand interactive data visualizations. With templates for almost any need – from animated bar races to drill-down sunbursts – it’s easier than ever to make complex data accessible and meaningful to anyone, in any organization, in the workplace.

Remote control for presentations

Canva adds remote presentation control to its Presentation product, enabling multiple presenters to control the flow of their presentation from any device using a new virtual clicker.

The platform introduces its visual worksuite as it marks more than 85 million global users, who produce more than 180 designs every second.

Canva has also become popular in workplaces. According to the platform, there are more than 10,000 current jobs on LinkedIn listing Canva as a desired skill across many companies, including American Express, Amazon, TikTok, LEGO, and Google. Firms like Zoom, PayPal, Reddit, and Sony Music have even replaced legacy design tools with Canva’s all-in-one platform.

To learn more about Canva, visit or follow Canva on Facebook and Instagram. Canva is also available for download on App Store and Play Store.

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