This New Online Restaurant Offers 4 Kinds of Donburi Bowls that are Perfect for Sharing at Home

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We can sometimes get so absorbed in our own little world that we forget about spending more quality time with our loved ones. Thankfully, good food can instantly bring everyone to the table!

Four Bowls PH is a newly opened online restaurant that started its business on May 10, 2020. It prides itself on being able to serve quality and affordable Japanese rice bowls or donburi right at its customers’ doorsteps. They currently offer four different kinds of donburi: Katsudon, Ebi Tempura, Tori Teriyaki, and Gyudon. They also offer Spicy Salmon Balls as appetizers.

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Spicy Salmon Balls (Php150)

These Spicy Salmon Balls make for fantastic finger foods! They come in 10 little pieces drizzled with spicy soy and mayo sauce. But fear not as these Salmon Poppers have just to right amount of spice to bring out its flavors without overwhelming you. In contrast to a Salmon Katsu, the texture of the Salmon Balls is similar to a meatball, which explains why the taste is “barely there” as it is minced into tiny bits.

Katsudon (Php200)

Four Bowl PH’s katsudon takes the Japanese dish consisting of a deep-fried pork cutlet, onions, and eggs, and mixes in Four Bowl PH’s signature katsudon sauce. Unlike tonkatsu, this has a much softer exterior, making it easy to chew and enjoy. Though the pork cutlet is quite thin, the variety of ingredients surrounding it definitely makes it quite a mouthful.

Ebi Tempura (Php200)

Ebi Tempura is a dish you simply cannot miss when you order Japanese food! It can be enjoyed with either soft or crispy exteriors (we all like to cover it in sauce anyways). I like how they included a TON of Tentsuyu sauce on this.

PRO TIP: Try dipping the other rice bowl toppings in the tempura sauce! The lightness and the subtle sweetness of the sauce gives the right amount of flavor to effectively heighten the taste profiles of the other toppings.

Tori Teriyaki (P180)

Tori Teriyaki, otherwise known as Teriyaki Chicken, is a juicy filleted chicken thigh. Served with both sesame seeds and Four Bowl PH’s signature teriyaki sauce, it is both flavorful and savory. I personally enjoyed this one the most and I would definitely order seconds!

Gyudon (Php200)

Gyudon, which literally translates to “beef bowl”, is another mainstay in Japanese cuisine. It is made of thinly-sliced beef strips, sliced onions, and an “egg yolk surprise” in the middle.

Four Bowls PH’s rice bowls give you the flexibility of having your own meal, while also giving you the benefit of “tikim” from other people’s meals (so long as they allow you, of course!). Plus, having four different flavors helps cater to a wider audience.

Some other things worth commending would be their dream-like Japanese rice, which I have been CRAVING FOR. Their serving sizes were also enough to fill all of our stomachs!

Four Bowls PH is a good option for those living in the QC area, especially when you are craving for some Japanese rice bowls. They are even offering various promos for their customers, so this is the perfect chance to try out their rice bowls with your friends and family! They have a “3+1 Promo”, “10 bowls for P1500 Promo” and a “Buy 2 Bowls and Get a FREE Order of Spicy Salmon Balls Promo (exclusive to Instagram followers).”

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What are you waiting for? Order some comfort Japanese food in the comfort of your own home today!

Four Bowls PH

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