New Old Stock to Pay Homage to Watch Collectors With Exclusive Vintage Timepiece NFT Series

New Old Stock (NOS), founded by a passionate group of cryptocurrency experts and vintage watch enthusiasts, is riding the rising wave of popularity of NFTs in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency and is set to launch their own series of virtual collectibles.

NOS is building a collection of vintage timepiece NFTs to appeal to avid watch collectors who want to bring these classic designs into the metaverse. Their vision is simple: to provide these horologists with their own niche in the crypto economy and to make up for the downsides of real-life watch collecting through NFT technology. With these tokens, NOS guarantees authenticity and value to ensure legitimate ownership of the digital timepiece, elevating the experience of buying and owning vintage watches.

NOS NFTLaunch Photo VintageCollection

The term “new-old-stock” is coined by vintage collectors to describe old pieces that have never been worn. “We believe that the NFT and Metaverse verticals will be the next big phase in consumer technology. Through NOS, we provide the gateway for watch enthusiasts to bring their favorite pieces from the real world to the metaverse,” shares Quinton Ng from Berne Horology who has been tapped by NOS to be the primary vintage watch advisor for this project.

Entering the marketplace in late February through early March, the first drop of NOS NFTs will feature a series of 3,888 unique designs. These NFTs are inspired by iconic, recognizable vintage watches and developed based on expert knowledge by a research team in collaboration with designers.

“Each design is based on common watch parts, namely case material, index, dial, hands, bezels and bracelet materials, but NOS has also put its own touch on the special 1-of-1 generation pieces,” explains NOS member, Tang. “But we have also incorporated special features, such as scratched cases, tropical dials, and patinated indexes to give vintage watch lovers something unique to look forward to.”

Following the initial release of the NOS collection, there will be a boxes and papers NFT release as well as limited edition 3D models of selected watches by Q2 2022. NOS will also offer presale contests and real watch giveaways until the official release of the NFTs is announced.

Digital Ownership of Real World Watches

After the February launch, NOS plans to create a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization made up of buyers and owners of the first NFT series, to govern the future of the project. According to one of the founding members of NOS, Angus, “We plan to use a percentage of our sales from the inaugural NFT drop to invest in and purchase genuine vintage watches from public auctions and private sales events, together with the participation of the DAO.”

The DAO will acquire these vintage watches, which are not normally available to the general public due to their high price and requirement of expertise to authenticate, giving members the opportunity to have fractional ownership of highly sought after real world watches.

NOS will mint its genesis NFT collection on Mar 5, 2022 on its official website: To learn more, follow @NOS_watch on Twitter or join the official Discord server of New Old Stock ( for the latest updates.

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