New Label Alibatta Records Pioneers ‘Craving,’ First NFT Single in the Philippines

A fresh indie label aims to reimagine original Filipino music while pioneering ways to own and monetize records through technology. Alibatta Records, a new player both in the entertainment technology and the music industries, is releasing the first NFT-minted single in the country.

Craving,’ up-and-coming R&B singer Ali Young’s debut single, is now available via major NFT marketplaces and major streaming platforms.

“Ali Young is poised to make history as the first Filipino singer with an NFT out and we’re happy to set that trend both locally and internationally. This effort provides an empowering message to our fellow musicians: that music and art can be lucrative not just for the labels, but for the entire creator ecosystem.” Geoff Mabasa, President and CEO of Alibatta Records, says.

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About Ali Young; ‘Craving’

Recorded and produced at Kerplunk Studios, ‘Craving’ is a song expressed from the perspective of a woman who isn’t afraid to speak up about how she feels. Breaking traditional barriers of gender norms, the song tells the story of a woman who won’t let society’s standards stop her from expressing what she wants.


Ali Young uses the song to show how women can carry and lead conversations and situations normally initiated by the opposite sex. This 25-year-old, Manila-based singer started doing song covers of artists like Taylor Swift, and even local musicians like Yeng Constantino. Through this, she amassed millions of views, followers, and listeners on YouTube, Facebook, and Soundcloud. Through her debut single, she is moving on from her acoustic roots to a more mature sound profile, diving into songwriting, and exploring themes of liberty and empowerment.


“I think that NFT is the future not just for music, but for other forms of art, too.” Ali Young comments. “I’m still overwhelmed and super proud that I signed with Alibatta, I trust in the direction the label is taking.”


Familiar Services, Fresh Innovations


At the helm of the entertainment technology company are musicians turned startup and tech executives Geoff Mabasa, Adrienne Cajayon, and Charles Gener. The three co-founders, who all bear academic backgrounds in Music Production at De La Salle – College of St. Benilde found their way into the tech scene with an always-on curiosity on how tech evolves and affects the workflows and output of their fellow artists.


Recently launched at a private virtual listening party in May, Alibatta Records delivers fresh, danceable, and uplifting Filipino music influenced by western pop. In addition to this, the label aims to combine the services and capabilities of a traditional music label with modern strategies on how music reaches fans through blockchain and immersive experiences. This is why they leverage innovative tools to distribute music, empowering more musicians to embrace tech and have more ownership of the content they produce.


“I think our backgrounds and interests provided the perfect opportunity for us to collaborate and pioneer this space and make history as the label that produced the first NFT-minted record in the Philippines,” adds Charles Gener, the team’s Chief Innovation Officer, who also used to play with local acts Jensen Gomez, Arthur Nery, and Klarisse De Guzman.


In A Nutshell, NFT Technology


NFT or a non-fungible token gives the artists the ability to mark a virtual form of art proof-of-ownership. This enabled art and collectibles that are “minted” to be sold for millions of dollars in NFT marketplaces globally. Minting is defined as “the computer process of validating information, creating a new block, and recording that information into the blockchain.” 


The opportunity that NFT is giving has attracted creatives, collectors, and superfans, and has taken the creator culture by storm. Many of the owners of NFTs are also immensely popular artists in their respective categories, which provides aspiring artists the confidence to embark on it as well.


“This project is the first of its kind in the country and neighboring regions as well. Our vision is to make sure music is adaptive to both the needs of the artist and their fans who are the foundation of the industry,” shares Mabasa, who also has vast experience marketing for big tech companies like Grab, TikTok, and cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance.


“As musicians ourselves, we know how cutthroat the industry is, so we need to be utilizing new forms of tech to somehow level the playing field,” mentions Adrienne Cajayon, the label’s Chief Operating Officer and Compliance Head. 


‘Craving’ will be released through major NFT marketplaces and will be available on major streaming platforms. 


Pre-save ‘Craving,’ Alibatta Records’ first NFT-minted record here.


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