OMG, is ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Getting a New Console Game?

Over a year since the well-received launch of Kingdom Hearts 3, an all-new video game is officially coming to the console!

Square Enix launched a trailer introducing its lineup of games coming this year for the beloved franchise and gave a sneak preview of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, which happens to be a fun music rhythm game. See some screenshots below:

What’s exciting is that it’s going to bring back some beloved Disney characters who will “appear” and “lend you their strength” while you conquer stages in their homeworlds. The game is also said to feature over 140 songs, including music from the Kingdom Hearts franchise and from our favorite Disney films!

Not much else has been revealed about this game other than the fact that it will be launched later this year on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Meanwhile, other Kingdom Hearts games for mobile will also be released—an update to the already existing Kingdom Hearts: Union X and a new Kingdom Hearts: Union Dark Road coming out on June 22.

Check out the full trailer:

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