This new Harry Potter rollercoaster lets you fly with Hagrid on his motorbike

You’re going to want to book your tickets for Orlando, Florida ASAP when you find out that the new Harry Potter-themed rollercoaster is scheduled to open this June 2019!

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, which will be located in Hogsmeade of Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure, is a daring flight through the Forbidden Forest aboard Hagrid’s motorbike during his Care of Magical Creatures class. There will be tons of magical beasts you’ll run into along the way, including a frightening confrontation with Fluffy—the three-headed dog that once guarded the Philosopher’s stone in the Harry Potter franchise.

Concept Art for New Harry Potter Rollercoaster
Source: Orlando ParkStop

There are plenty of features that make this ride as authentic as it possibly can be, as though you really are wizards of Hogwarts. The Forbidden Forest through which you ride is actually a real forest with more than 1,200 live trees! And the rollercoaster seats are really motorbikes, and you get to choose between sitting on the bike itself or in its adjacent sidecar—both of which give you a different experience during the ride. Every creature you’ll run into won’t only pop up via video projectors either; you’ll definitely come across those that look so real you can almost touch them because they are made with animatronic technology.

There will definitely be a lot more surprises that will be revealed once the ride opens to the public, and we can hardly contain our excitement! Mark your calendars and stay tuned for tickets at the official website of Universal Orlando. Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure will open on June 13, 2019!

New Harry Potter Rollercoaster Opens in June 2019
Source: Universal Orlando Resort

BRB, booking a ticket for Universal Orlando. See you there?