NEW FOOD PAIRING: Gyoza and Beer at Chao Chao Gyoza Bar

Adding to the list of foreign restaurant franchises in the Philippines: Chao Chao Gyoza Bar! Chao Chao Gyoza Bar is an international franchise from Japan and is known to serve several types of gyoza.

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Upon entering their Philippine branch, we immediately felt a chill bar ambiance as opposed to the typical Japanese restaurant vibe. It’s definitely different compared to Chao Chao Gyoza in Japan, but the food is still the same. The new management of Chao Chao Gyoza Bar wants to focus on pairing their famous gyoza with beer, which is common in Japan.

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The interiors of this resto-bar is mostly filled with dark walls, dim lighting and neon signages. The restaurant’s key accents are monkey and lion sculptures. These animals are the owner’s vision of what he wants the restaurant to embody as its unique qualities (monkey’s cheerfulness and optimism and lion’s never-say-die attitude. The part of the interiors that stands out the most, though, is the hand-painted mural of Japanese contemporary artist Sensyu Yasuko who is famous for her calligraphy and brush strokes.

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ChaoChao Original (Php88)

Their bestselling row of eight mini and meaty pork gyozas

Similar to the original Japan franchise, Chao Chao offers a variety of gyozas from meat (usually pork) to mushroom to curry. They have three main types of gyoza: Standard or Teppan Grilled, Gravy or Saucy and Age or Deep Fried.

Chao Chao recommends pairing your chosen gyoza with alcohol (either ice cold beer or a cocktail).

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Sapporo Draft Beer 300ml (Php100)

They also sell local draft beer like San Miguel Light and San Miguel Pale Pilsen at the same price.

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Long Stick Gyoza (Php88)

This gyoza is for seafood lovers. It includes a combination of shrimp and crab stick.

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Okonomiyaki Gyoza (Php188)

One of the gravy gyozas they have, this pork gyoza is served with flavorful okonomiyaki sauce and drizzled with mayo.

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Curry Rice (Php188)

Their version of Japanese beef curry rice has a slight kick of spiciness to it.

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Chicken Meatballs (Php188)

Teppan-grilled chicken meat balls served with bean sprouts on the side, sitting on delicious teriyaki sauce.

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Chocolate Gyoza with Vanilla Ice Cream (Php128)

Four pieces of oozing, hot chocolate gyoza (can be served crispy if placed in the freezer first) with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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Frozen Margarita (Php90)

Chao Chao’s take on the classic cocktail – a mix of tequila, lime juice and tri-sec.

Chao Chao is also cooking up new gyozas!

We had the opportunity to taste their newest deep fried gyozas – mango (5pcs) and langka (3pcs). Imagine a crispy crepe with mango/langka in it.

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What are you waiting for? Try gyoza like you’ve never had it before!

Chao Chao Gyoza Bar

Ground Floor, Corporate Center Building, 26th Street corner 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChaoChaoGyozaPH

Instagram: @chaochaogyozaph