New Dimensions Exhibit: Two Artists Expanding Horizons in Pursuit of Artistic Passion

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Event Concept

The New Dimensions exhibit aims to showcase the works of two artists exploring new art media and expanding their horizons in their personal pursuit of artistic passion. Both artists. Kim Pamela Co and Ronnie Lim, are currently exploring new dimensions in art, experimenting with different tools and media, and expanding their individual skill sets. They’re pushing themselves as much as they can in their respective art journeys, as they acknowledged how they have been blessed with the opportunity to share their artistic milestones to their family, friends, and to the Filipino public through the New Dimensions exhibit.

Exhibit Details

 This exhibit runs from November 3 to 17, 2017 at the Artasia Fine Arts Gallery located at the 4th floor (Bldg. A) of SM Megamall. The New Dimensions exhibit is free, and walk-ins are encouraged to come and see the artwork.

Most of the works that will be displayed are for sale. A few will be displayed and indicated as part of the artist’s personal collection, therefore not for sale.

About the Two Artists

Kim Pamela Co (Letterista MNL) creates meticulous (and tedious) detail work in watercolor. She deviates from the usual watercolor washes one might expect from using the medium. Exploring detail work and realism in watercolor is relatively new to her as she started out as a calligrapher, only painting little animal doodles in her free time.

Kim’s work can be found online at:

FB: fb.com/LetteristaMNL

IG: instagram.com/LetteristaMNL.

Among the two, Dr. Ronnie Lim is the more seasoned painter and exhibitor.

He has had 17 exhibits with 9 as solo shows. Known for creating oil paintings that feature beautifully dramatic and realistic portraits, he has taken a 180-degree turn towards captivating abstracts using various media. His abstracts are sure to be head-turners and take the spotlight whenever they’re up on display.

Dr. Ronnie Lim’s work can be found online at:

FB: fb.com/RonnieLimArt