New Book The Merge Delves on the “Gap” Between Technology and Man

Words by: Stacey T. Lee
Photography by: Jeanne Dizon

The Philippines is one of the most interconnected countries in the world—not only offline but online as well. Seven out of 10 Filipinos are never offline, and 79% check their phones within a mere 15 minutes of waking up. We have the rapid advancement of technology to thank for this—each gadget only getting smarter and smarter than its predecessor. Many success stories have been tantamount to the rise in this industry, generation after generation being born into and adapting to the newest model of technology made available to them. The relationship between humans and technology is only getting stronger, which is why it is almost inevitable to avoid the usage of technology in our everyday lives. This is why futurists and experts believe that we must be aware and knowledgeable of all that technology is and what it can be, to use it to our advantage and for the betterment of our progress as a whole.

PHD, with Adobo Magazine, launched their 7th publication entitled MERGE: The closing gap between technology and us at the Manila House Private Members Club. The book dives into the implications and challenges humans face when converging with technology, especially with the fast-paced evolution we can see in the industry nowadays. Tackling developments from basic robotics to the complex systems of the semantic web, PHD’s Merge provides a deeper understanding for us humans to fully grasp the current situation we are in with technology and the amount of potential it can thrive in the future.

Aica delos Santos, the Head of Marketing and Business Development for Adobo Magazine, started the event with her perception of the advances in technology, and its merging with humanity. She also relayed how this new wave of technology was partially brought about by the business sector, and how to keep these industries abreast this new generation.

Aica delos Santos, Adobo Magazine Head of Marketing and Business Development

Another special speaker for the book launch was Mary Buenaventura, the CEO of Omnicom Media Group. Together with PHD, they pioneered innovation in the Philippines, which is reflected through the advanced and technological ways they utilize in their businesses. She shared how technology helps create meaningful relationships and conversations with clients; and how it also branches them out further into the international.

Mary Buenaventura, Omnicom Media Group CEO

As the General Manager for PHD, Mickey de Castro provided us a glimpse of the book through briefing us on what its contents were about. Everyone involved in the publication believed that technology and every advancement that has occurred has been tantamount to our development as humans, contributing to the abundance of our information or experience.

Mickey de Castro, PHD General Manager

Merge introduces us into the world behind our computer screens–explaining how our world has evolved from less than 10 million people in the world having access to the internet, to today’s three billion-fold increase. Solidifying the journey into what they call “The Merge,” they enumerate this exponential progress into five parts: Surfacing, Organising, Extracting, Anticipating, and Elevating.

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