#NetizenShares: “It’s great to know that good people still exist.”

Our good vibes for today is brought to us by a Netizen who believes that good people still exist despite ambiguity and negativity. Katrina shared a wonderful story of her travel experience with a GrabCar driver.

On her Facebook, she shared the driver picked her up on time but, the driver felt like he was late, so he apologized. He arrived within 5 minutes after making a wrong turn in Makati. As we all know, Makati is a strict and disciplined city in terms of implementing road rules and regulations.

grabcar driver

Her caption reads:

This had to be shared.

This man picked me up from Nestle just a few minutes ago. He arrived within 5 minutes, but apologized profusely for “making me wait” the moment I got in the car. He said he’d only been operating in Makati for two days now (because he needed it) but he made a wrong turn. Then he asked permission to follow Waze in getting to my destination, and had me select the route I preferred. Ten minutes into the trip, I started sniffling quietly (it was a bit cold); he apologized yet again and asked if I wanted to turn down the AC. If all that isn’t enough, while we were on Kalayaan, a little kid carrying an even smaller child knocked on our window for alms (I had nothing to give, no food in my bag and no change in my pocket, huhubells). The driver, no hesitation, opened his glove compartment and proceeded to give the kids two huge packs of crackers. I checked if he brought food for that purpose, but apparently what he gave was his own baon.

In a world where we are bombarded with negativity all the time, it’s great to know that good people still exist. And sometimes, those who have less are willing to given even more than those who actually should (huhu I’m sorry). Saludo ako sayo Anthony. Here’s to wishing you the good that you deserve!

Katrina shared this wonderful story on social media and it was quickly picked up by several netizens. As of this writing, the post has been shared for more than a thousand times. Furthermore, since the post went viral, the GrabCar driver responded to Katrina’s message with so much appreciation.

grabcar driver

Thank you very much for sharing your inspiring story with everyone! Social media is a great platform for everything. Especially, if it’s something about restoring your faith in humanity.

Brilliant work, Kuya Anthony! We need more drivers like you! All the best!

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