Netizens Share Traumatic Experience in Recent Tondo Shooting

Reports from netizens who claim a shooting which happened in Tondo, Manila 2 days before publishing. One shares that there was a shooting while they were watching a Miss Gay pageant which later created a stampede due to the panic from the gun shots.


Anne posted her personal experience from the commotion where she was trampled on by people. She also shares what the local tricycle driver told her about the incident.

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Rough translation:

I thank the lord that I am still alive after experiencing a stampede 1:30am in Pacheco St. in Tondo, Manila. I was with my friend Leslie from Obando Bulacan. She came to Tondo to watch the Miss Gay pageant.

But then, there was a shooting the public panicked. We all ran for our lives and started pushing in all directions. I fell to the cement and my face hit hard. I asked for help, good thing my friend helped me up even my slippers were missing by this time. 

Before there was a shooting here in Tondo where they would kill each race of family. It looks like it is happening again I heard it was about about drugs. Someone not giving the right deal. Good thing my nephew was alert. He showed me the way to run. I didn’t pay attention to blood running down my nose; it was broken because of how hard my face hit the cement. 

I saw a tricycle driver and told him to take us and hurry as there was a shooter. The driver said that shooters do not care who they harm, even the innocent. Before there was an incident in Magat Salamat Elementary School where there were students who were gunned down. The police could not do anything abut it. There was peace when Erap and Isko came that time.

There were 2 gunshots at the event. I don’t know if the hosts of the show were shot. I just saw one of the gay contestants who jumped off stage and ran. 

I still very thankful that I am alive. Even if my face was hurt badly.

I hope in the upcoming fiesta the police force will be vigilant with incidents like these. I hope these people won’t involve innocent people.

She also posted some of her Facebook friends’ experience with the incident:



Tondo, Manila is currently celebrating the fiesta of Sto. Niño.

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