Netizens React to Erik Matti’s Tweet About Korean Dramas

Filmmaker Erik Matti recently had some strong things to say on Twitter after noticing that most of the most-streamed shows on Netflix are Korean dramas. He tweeted, “The daily top ten most viewed on #Netflix shows us how our movies and tv are doomed in the future. K-drama galore. Faux cinderella stories with belofied actors whiter than white. And it’s all about love in the midst of this pandemic.”

This has caused various netizens to react. Some users feel the same way:

Other users had a bit more to say on the subject. Twitter user @nikkodelumen, for one, points out that while K-dramas are really good, it’s not their fault that local shows and movies can’t keep up.

Twitter user @xdjhomel apologizes to Matti and then explains that this is probably because our shows in the Philippines always have the same themes of infidelity. “While some may start out well, in the end, they’re all just the same. It’s boring and repetitive,” he tweets.

Twitter user @_bhieusername asks Matti not to ruin things for other people, suggesting: “Just make your own movie or drama with a better production and storyline.”

Twitter user @magayonliz points out that it’s not because of KDrama but about improving your craft. “There are a lot of good Filipino movies out there,” she says, “but the plot and stories are always the same.” She adds: “Also, not all K-Dramas are Cinderella stories. There are lots of different and unique ones.”

Twitter user @HaliyaJam requests for the removal of ‘love teams’ in Filipino shows. “Local movies and TV shows will be doomed if y’all don’t change the model on how you make and market these shows,” she says. “First, remove the love team model because we’re getting sick of it.” She explains that K-dramas are constantly fresh because actors can be paired with ANYONE.

What about you? Do you agree with Erik Matti’s sentiments? Share your thoughts with us!

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