UPDATED: Netizens React as Gazini Ganados [Mistakenly] Announced as Best National Costume Awardee


After much confusion, the Miss Universe organization confirmed that Gazini Ganados indeed won the Best in National Costume.

According to a tweet by @missuniverse:

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β€œThere is an eagle within me that wants to soar.” πŸ¦… It is with deep honor to showcase our national pride during the Miss Universe National costume show, the Philippine Eagle whose strength, power, and love for freedom exemplifies the Filipino people. Created by the master couturier Mama @carysantiago @carysantiago7 ❀️ Proud to have showcased your masterpieces in the Miss Universe stage. Your passion, dedication, and love for our country is admirable. ❀️ Here’s How To Vote for Best in National Costime Award. 1. Log in to vote.missuniverse.com 2. Click VOTE NOW. 3. Find and click National Costume. 4. Choose and Vote Miss Philippines #70 Credits to the rightful owners of the photos ❀️ #MissUniverse2019 #MissUniversePH #Philippines #MissUniverso #MissUniverso2019 #GaziniGanados #GaziniGanado5 #ForThePhilippines

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Netizens React as Gazini Ganados Mistakenly Announced as Best National Costume Awardee

The internet was in a frenzy again as Steve Harvey mistakenly announced a winner (again). In the Miss Universe 2019, Steve Harvey annouced Gazini Ganados with the Best in National Costume Award in a segment prior to the Top 10’s swimsuit competition.

β€œHere’s a look at the winner, Philippines,” said Steve Harvey. The announcement was accompanied with a visual showing a photo of Gazini wearing a Philippine eagle-inspired costume by Filipino Fashion Designer Cary Santiago.

It turns out that the real winner was Miss Malaysia.

Netizens were quick to notice that it may have been a joke or maybe Gazini didn’t have time to change to her national costume for the awarding.

Direk Joel Reyes was also dismayed how it all turned out.

Bianca Gonzales was also confused as to what really happened.

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