Netizens Enraged Over Controversial Bank Ad On Saving

“Save The Environment or Save Up To See Places?” goes the tag line of a new bank advertisement that has netizens up in arms.

Just today, a new series of advertisements apparently promoting a bank’s rewards system has gone viral, because of its message that supposedly suggests the public to choose between saving the environment, or saving up to travel. The popular bank in question that uploaded the advertisements today on their social media accounts, reportedly took down the posts immediately after receiving backlash from the general public.

Still, the internet would not be without its ability to take screenshots.

Despite the content being unavailable on the bank’s official page, netizens have uploaded screenshots of these controversial bank advertisements, which have been widely spread on social media:

Writer and climate revolution advocate Ayeen Karunungan uploaded the now-viral screenshot below:

bdo saving ad screenshot

Jae Manuel Sta. Romana managed to save all copies of the ads that were taken down earlier today:

bdo saving ad screenshot 2

Pipo del Rosario also uploaded the following screen grabs of each advertisement:

bdo saving ad

bdo saving ad 3

bdo saving ad 4

bdo saving ad 2

Quite visibly, netizens are reacting over the suggestion that one needs to choose between saving the world or saving up for self-interests, while others are giving the advertisements the benefit of the doubt that it was just a matter of poor wording.

What do you think of this ad? Do you think it was done in poor taste or was it just poorly worded?