Netizen Shares Why He is Pro-Duterte for President

There has been a lot of hullabaloo going on around whether Rodrigo Duterte was, in fact, going to run for President or not. Well, he finally announced his desire to do so recently and we recently posted an article on a netizen voicing out 7 problems he has with Duterte running for President.

Well, another netizen has voiced out his opinion on the matter, this time sharing why he wants Duterte to be the next President of the Philippines. Here’s what Joey Dumagan has to say:

It is not always from the gentleness of words that we learn about our mistakes. Sometimes, the yell and the spank that we received when we were younger eventually reminded us that rules and authorities are meant to be respected.

It is the absence of fear with the law and the disrespect with authorities that somehow caused our nation to be what it is presently. In addition, the lack of discipline amongst many paved way for several inconveniences that we are experiencing.

Bridges are made for us, but we still prefer to play with vehicles in crossing the road. Security measures are implemented in establishments and yet we get offended when we are being checked.

We don’t participate in commenting about important issues, but we spend too much characters and emojis in entertainment stuff.

We complain about garbage and pollution but we don’t really consider reusing or recycling. We complain a lot, but we do very little.

Perhaps the option in choosing the next President requires an evaluation of our own values.

I’m not washing my hands clean (the reason why I use “we” in my statements) because just like the rest of you, I am also guilty of doing some of the mentioned claims.

Let us respect the law.

If it’s too much to ask, let us then elect someone who can force us to respect the law.

The law provides orderliness. Orderliness generates peace. In peace we become productive. When we become productive citizens, we will rise as a nation.

Choose your next President wisely.

I have chosen mine and he already declared his intention.

What do you think of this? Who will you be voting for President and why? Share your thoughts with us!