Netizen Shares: “The beach is NOT your ashtray!”

The Philippines is known for its rich and natural resources, as well as, pristine beaches. In fact, our neighboring countries, international tourists – including Hollywood celebrities, love how majestic our beaches are.

As collated by the National Geographic, the Philippines is one of the best destinations to visit this 2016.

These citations were given to us for a reason. Come on, who would say no to this stunning place?

VIDEO: Coron Palawan in 2.5 Minutes

Furthermore, a German also filmed an aerial view of Palawan and other places which he described: “rich and stunning islands.”

Read the full story here: You Gotta See This: Spectacular Aerial Views of Philippines’ Hidden Beaches and Lagoons

However, it is depressing to know that even if we have so many nice things to say, there are some bad seeds out there who take things for granted.

This Holy Week many photos have been shared on social media. Photos of people ate the beach, relaxing and enjoying.

But, one netizen shared a heartbreaking photo:

The beach is not an ashtray

Photo source/owner: Astrid Lagasca-Evora

A short yet painful caption:

Holy Week vacation means more tourists. Please remember, the beach is NOT your ash tray!

Earlier today, I also shared another discouraging photo of how people allegedly mistreated other places this Holy Week. It goes to show that manners aren’t really taught at school. Although, there are beaches who prohibit smoking by the beach and other coastal areas nearby.

“Manners maketh man.” – Kingsman

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