Netizen Shares Story of Rude Taxi Driver

Netizen Shares Story of Rude Taxi Driver


Netizen Shares Story of Rude Taxi Driver 


Commuting is a part of life when living in Manila. Traffic can be so horrible that many people choose to ride the train, the bus, or any of the many modes of public transport available in the Philippines. For those who want to get to their destination in a comfortable (and cold) way, taxis are available. The rise of taxi apps means you don’t have to struggle getting a cab, but there are still those who choose to try their luck and get a cab on their own. A netizen, who chose not to publish her name, shared this story with us of a rude taxi driver who forced a fixed rate for the trip. By using this method, also known as ‘kontrata,’ the driver and passenger will agree on a rate instead of using the meter.

Here’s her story:


Hi, I’m not usually one who wants social media attention, but I’d like to share my story with you, and hopefully you’ll share it with your millions of followers.

We were riding a provincial bus earlier, and we were dropped off at the bus stop in Kamuning where many taxis were parked. We went down and was about to cross the street. There was this driver, a 50 or 60 year old man, who kept following us and suggesting we ride his taxi instead. We were planning on riding a taxi actually, but we’re sort of aloof with insistent drivers. But since it was in the middle of the afternoon and we had a toddler with us, we got in anyway. Our destination was just about a kilometer or two away.

Inside, it was hot. I believe the taxi was parked a long time and the air conditioning was turned on just when we got in. Worse, he insisted immediately that we give him a hundred pesos for the short ride. Of course we were dumbfounded, and we told him to use the meter instead. He turned it on, but was still telling us about how others were okay with the ‘kontrata’ type, and that it is the “norm” of taxi drivers. He kept talking and talking and through it all he was insisting that we pay him P100.00. I told him that it only takes at most P80.00 when it’s traffic, so he shifted his rate to just what I said. We still didn’t agree on it, since it’s irritating that he was actually asking for more than what’s supposed to be paid. My mom told him that we ride taxis frequently and what he was doing was wrong, so he was blabbing on and on about how others would just agree to pay what he requests. He was so rude in that 4-minute ride. On the edge of being super angry, I raised my voice and told him no, we will only pay what’s on the meter and that if he wants to complain, there’s a nearby barangay hall. He told us, “Tumahimik na lang kayo, ibababa ko na kayo dyan at wag na kayong magbayad!” (Just keep quiet. I’ll let you down and don’t bother paying). We were controlling our anger then, telling him “May pambayad ho kami, basta tama ang binabayaran namin.” (We have money to pay, as long as we’re paying for what’s right). And he still did not shut up, continued to prattle, and was really getting on our nerves.

We arrived in front of our store, and kept the doors of the taxi open while my dad, who was waiting for us, got some money to pay for the ride. I took a picture of the plate number written on the taxi’s door, and this made him shout “Isara mo, isara mo!” (Close it, close it!). My dad was about to give the payment but he was still shouting “Isara niyo, wag na kayo magbayad!” (Close it, don’t bother paying) while he was slowly starting to drive away. So we closed it, and he was so mad that before he went away, he still opened his window to shout “Tindahan lang pala negosyo niyo eh! Bwisit kayo!” (You’re only running a store. You’re irritating!)

We understand that drivers have hard times on their job, and honestly, we usually give an extra 20 pesos or more that what is on the meter. But who would want to give a supposedly voluntary act to a such person who rudely insists on it? It was just too much.


Yes, there are good taxi drivers that make the experience pleasant, but there are also those, like the one mentioned above, who make the taxi-riding experience a terrible one.

Has this happened to you? Share it in the comments below!


Netizen Shares Story of Rude Taxi Driver

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