Netizen Shares Story of Little Beggar Boy to Restore Our Faith in Humanity

It’s Christmas time, so everyone gets into the spirit of giving and helping whoever else needs help. However, it’s easy to become wary of the people we give to. For one, the holidays is a ripe time for syndicates to take advantage of people’s high spirits, letting children run amok to execute their bidding.

However, a quick story of altruism made rounds on social media that restores our desire to indulge in the spirit of giving. John and his wife, Geo had brunch at Jollibee (N.S. Amoranto St. branch in Quezon City) when a respectful little boy approached them begging for money, but then changed his mind and asked instead for their left overs.

The couple bought an extra meal to give to the boy, and what they saw afterwards touched their hearts.


They saw the little boy feeding his younger sister. The smile of satisfaction he had after her spoonful is priceless. Faith in humanity restored.

Update: The parents of the children are doing their part to earn. The father helps with parking while the mother sells cigarettes and candies on the street.

What do you think of the story? Should we give food instead of money to beggars?