Netizen Shares Story Commending Police Officers for Successful Entrapment Operation

One of our readers reached out to us with a good story about police officers who had a successful entrapment operation and recovered stuff stolen from their car.

According to the message sent to us, the incident occurred somewhere along Tomas Morato in Quezon City.

The sender and a friend were not aware that someone got in their car when they stepped out of the vehicle from the other door and took their belongings (bag, wallet, phones).

In a fortunate turn of event, officers from Quezon City Kamuning Station 10 helped them out, successfully apprehended the robber, and recovered their belongings.

However, the sender mentioned, “The police investigator however discouraged us to pursue the case.” But they added, “Good thing PO3 Tojirros, backed us up.”

Here’s the full message:

Police Officers Tomas Morato (1)

Here are photos of the officers who helped them out.

Police Officers Tomas Morato (2)

And an image of the video showing the incident.

Police Officers Tomas Morato (3)

Be alert when you’re on the road. Take the sender’s the advice to always keep your doors locked.

We’re just puzzled why the sender was discouraged to pursue the case. Why do you think they were told that? If it were you, would you agree or not? Why?

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