Netizen Shares Photo Of Dog Left In Car For Over An Hour

It’s heartbreaking to know that these incidents happen more than once. Just earlier this month, we already wrote about a similar instance where a dog was allegedly left by its owner in the car for over an hour, with the photo going viral on social media.

This time, netizen Joanne Denise Asuque was able to personally witness another act like this herself, when she took a photo of a dog, visibly scared as it was left in an unventilated car for more than hour. According to Joanne, she personally waited by the car — which, as it turns out, contained at least TWO dogs– before the owner finally returned, and gave the pet owner a piece of her mind.

Dog left in car over an hour

Dog left in car by owners

We will repeat what we said before: please do not leave animals in your car.

Regardless of how short you think your errand will be, it is unsafe for your pets to be sitting in a car with the windows rolled up, as they may die of heat exhaustion and lack of ventilation.

What are your thoughts on this?