Netizen Shares ATM Budol-Budol Modus

Netizen Shares ATM Budol-Budol Modus

Budol-budol is a popular modus operandi in the Philippines, where the gang members will use real or fake money and use sleight of hand or “hypnotism” to get more money from you. There probably is no one gang who employs all these methods, just offshoots of the original modi.

This new one spreading on social media involves an ATM. This story, shared by JL A., details how a suspect would switch your ATM card with hers so she can withdraw all your money. The post is accompanied by a photo, allegedly released in coordination with a mall and a bank. According to her, the modus goes this way:

Kasunod mo siya sa line, after mo magtransact ay hahabulin ka niya at sasabihing may lumabas na pera pagkaalis mo sa machine. Iko-convince ka niyang magbalance inquiry kayo pareho, para RAW ma-confirm niyong dalawa kung sino sa inyo ang may-ari.

(She’ll fall in line behind you, and after you transact, will run after you and say money came out of the machine. She will convince you to both will check your balance to see who owns the money.)

The suspect will make the victim think the machine is broken and that they should check another ATM.

During the second transaction nakikipag-usap siya sa iyo nang may malakas na boses kaya mapapatingin ka sa mga taong nagtitinginan na sa inyo UNAWARE na hindi mo pa nakukuha ang card mo dahil naka-focus ka na sa kanya, doon niya gagawin ang mabilis na pagpapalit ng atm card sa bibig ng machine.

(During the second transaction, she will raise her voice so other people will look at you. This will make you unaware that your card is still in the machine because you’re focusing on her. She will then quickly change the card in the machine.)

After the victim gets his card (at this point the suspect has already switched it), the suspect will then say that they should split the extra cash and will leave. In less than 30 minutes, the suspect will have withdrawn all the money.

According to JL, suspects usually do this on holidays when banks are closed and victims can’t have their accounts blocked.

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