Netizen Posts Videos Of Himself Dancing While Driving: Innocent Fun Or Irresponsible Motoring?

Just when you thought you had seen it all and Manila traffic couldn’t possibly surprise you anymore, along comes something even crazier to prove you wrong. This time: car dancing. That’s dancing while driving a car. Check it out:


Driving in Manila traffic can be challenging at the best of times, but for some people it seems to be nothing more than a song and a dance, literally. A netizen by the name of Rus Barrameda has been uploading videos to Facebook and YouTube in which he, and who we assume is his girlfriend, are happily dancing away to various tunes while sitting in his car. That in itself would be perfectly OK if the car was parked in his driveway or maybe stopped at the beach, but the dancing duo are going all out while driving through traffic. To make matters worse, neither of them seem to be wearing a seat-belt.

The safety conscious among you may want to look away during this rendition of Uptown Funk:


Here’s a gif of it in case the video goes down:

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Exhibit 2: Dying Inside To Hold You. We think he might be dying inside the car if he loses control over it while dancing…


Here’s another GIF version of it:  

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We leave you to decide if this is just some harmless fun or irresponsible motoring. Let us know your thoughts in the Facebook comments as usual: