Netizen Posts Homeless Artist So People Can Commission Him

A Netizen shared an inspiring story about a homeless artist he met named Ruben Verches or more known as ‘Mang Ruben’.

According to Donn Brian Camus’ post, Mang Ruben approached him in February to ask if he can make the signage of his store. He then asked the artist samples of his work and he said that he painted the signage of a nearby laundry shop.

At first, he was skeptical because Mang Ruben said he does all the signages manually by scaling the image and measuring them to match the actual artwork needed to be copied. But after hearing the story of how he collects his materials from other people’s trash, he felt bad and wanted to give him a chance.

In the end, Donn was very happy about Mang Ruben’s work and posted his story so more people can commission him for work. He shared that Mang Ruben can make signages and even panaflex ones.