Netizen Posts About Alleged Wallet Snatching in UP

A netizen posted on Facebook about an alleged snatching of wallet that happened last April 2014 around the UP Academic Oval.

According to M. Mesa:

To all joggers in UP, beware! My friend and I were walking along acad oval (near vargas museum) when this boy, coming from behind, grabbed the wallet of my friend. The boy ran to the lagoon where it was dark and full of trees. My friend tried to run after him but I stopped her and instead shouted loudly for help. Turns out, he was with his other friends and some were armed with cutters. After all the tension, trauma and stress, thank you very much Lord for keeping me and my friend safe. We will pursue the case against these boys with hope that others may be not victimized.

Along with this, she posted the following photo:

UP Alleged Snatcher

If you jog around UP, you may want to be a little more cautious to avoid this from happening to you.

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