Netizen Claims Australian- Filipino Internet Sensation Lily May Mac is not “Natural”


Netizens are reacting to a thread about internet sensation Lily May Mac with her before and after photos from years ago. Claiming that her beauty transition was not natural and that she is denying having plastic surgery to achieve her look.

Lily May Mac or Lily May Macapinlac has been doing rounds on the internet for her famous 12 second videos and beautiful selfies on her instagram account @lilymaymac. People gushing over her make up selfies showcased by her narrow nose and luscious lips. Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.03.40 AM

But netizens have dug up photos of her from her tumblr, twitter and other social media accounts from a few years ago where she look absolutely different. Her lips weren’t that full, her nose wasn’t that narrow and her jawline wasn’t that prominent as well:

The most recent ones:



Younger years:10478125_10206909522850895_1686242786520771982_n

Eventhough some are claiming that she has done plastic surgery, there may be a different theory:

1. Make up is a big factor. You can change exactly the way you look with contouring and over filling your lips.


Photo by Jessica Wyatt


Thinner nose by contouring

2. Another theory would be, she grew up. People look absolutely different when they were a teenager to how they look like now. Especially when they are artistic and expressive with how they look.

3. Angles: Angle affects the shape of your face and even your body. You can shape yourself in a different way to make yourself fuller or slimmer.

What do you think about this? Do you agree that it may be plastic surgery? Or the other theories mentioned?


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