Netizen Asks You to “Share This Photo and Stop Animal Cruelty”

A netizen posted on Facebook images of a large creature tied at the back of trailer and transported for about 30 hours.

He ended his post with a call to action to “share this photo and help bring a stop to cruelty…”

Here’s are the photos with the entire caption. (Photo credit: Jonathan Chase)

Stop animal cruelty - T-rex (1) Stop animal cruelty - T-rex (2)

This is an outrage. This beautiful, endangered Tyrannosaurus Rex was bound to a trailer, unable to move for 30hrs.

This is animal cruelty, at its worst. The perpetrators of this horrible act should be fined, and their rights to own exotic and domestic animals should be stripped from them.

Please help me raise awareness about this heinous injustice. Dinosaurs are animals too, and they deserve our love and care.

How would you feel if you were bound to the back of a truck for 30hrs?

Share this photo and help bring a stop to cruelty towards our beloved jurassic friends.

Ooops! Fell for it? Peace.

Chill. Why not just watch Jurassic World if you haven’t seen it yet? Still out in some cinemas.

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