Netflix Will Be Producing Two New Korean Original Films You Should Watch Out For

Do you love Korean movies? We’ve mostly been getting our Korean movie fix from Netflix and at a press con with Korean creators today (their first one for these films!), we learned that they will be producing two new Korean original films that we are super excited about.

Moral Sense Webtoon

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Moral Sense

One of the upcoming movies is called ‘Moral Sense’, an eccentric romance film based on a webtoon of the same name about a seemingly clean cut office worker who keeps his BDSM taste to himself until his female co-worker accidentally opens his mail and finds a leash. Once his secret is out, the two develop a male-sub and female-dominant relationship. Hmm… ’50 Shades’ Korean style?

The film will be directed by Park Hyun-jin, a master of romance films like ‘Lovers of 6 Years’ (2008), which is known to be a bible for long-lasting couples. “This is a new and take to a traditional genre, so I decided to write a treatment about it,” she shares. “I hope to be able to bring the same excitement to the audience.”

Moral Sense Korean Movie Director

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“As you watch, you will be able to see a part of yourself and you will ask yourself about loving someone for who they are,” she adds. A movie opening simultaneously in 190 countries at once is a first for Director Park, though. “I hope I will be able to make a film that everyone can resonate with. I will try my best,” she promises.


If it’s action that you love, then ‘Carter’ is the movie to look out for. ‘Carter’ follows the story of a man after he wakes up in a motel room with no recollection of who he is, except for a voice in his ear that calls him ‘Carter’. Following the voice’s orders, Carter goes on an exhilarating mission to save a kidnapped girl. This one-scene, one-cut action film is directed by Jung Byung-gil, a globally renowned master of action films who was even invited to Cannes for opening a new chapter to female action movies. Once again, he is offering a one-of-a-kind action film that we cannot wait to watch.

Director Jung shares that ‘Carter’ started from a small idea that all automatically unfolded from there. Despite his past, he shares that he doesn’t feel pressured to up his game. In fact, he is very excited about working on a new project, so he is just having a lot of fun right now. For Director Jung, the best part about action movies is that it is exhilarating, bringing something you haven’t seen before.

Carter Korean Movie Director

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“The story of ‘Carter’ is easy to follow, but is also stunning and fierce,” he shares. “It is something that people will be able to relate to.” Director Jung shares that it hasn’t always been easy to do action films because he was rejected a lot of the time. As such, he is excited to be able to present a new side to Korean action films with ‘Carter’. “I put my heart into this one,” he admits. “Everything I imagined and wanted to do but didn’t think would be possible has become a reality in this project. I am very lucky. It is an honor to share this with a global audience through Netflix.”

Which one of these movies will you be looking out for? 🙂

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