Netflix adds shuffle play feature for users who are indecisive based on your viewing history

You know how on your music streaming app there’s a shuffle option in case you didn’t wanna pick a specific song and you just wanted to be surprised? Have you ever thought about that same concept except with shows and movies? Well, Netflix did, and they’re trying it out. With their new shuffle/play something option, they go through what you’ve viewed and play something at random after going through and observing what you’ve viewed and watched in the past. Say you’re big on true crime–maybe they’ll play you an episode of a true crime series you haven’t considered or seen before.

Anyway, this does sound interesting. I wonder how it’d work out for series–would they play a random episode? Or from the very beginning? Will they show you the preview first or launch right in? So many questions. What if you share a Netflix account? Does it pool everyone’s together? It sounds interesting–we’re actually pretty curious!

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