Need to Declutter Your Room Soon? Here’s a Checklist of Things You Shouldn’t Forget!

Words by Nicole Andrea Simbulan of Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts Senior High School

Lately, I’ve been having problems resting in my own bedroom. It feels like it’s not my sanctuary anymore. Not until I discovered the perfect antidote to that: decluttering!

Bedrooms can get messy, like a lot. We tend to put unused things that we don’t want to see in the other rooms of the house in our bedrooms. As a result, they become sort of like a storage room instead of a place to rest and relax.

So, I’ve made the decision to finally clean my room just to see if it will become my space of comfort again. And, guess what? It did!

Of course, there are steps I’ve done to make that happen. In this article, I’m gonna walk you through a checklist of things you need to do when tidying up your room.

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1. Clear surfaces

Surfaces of cabinets, dressers, and suchlike tend to be piled with things that don’t have boxes to be stored in. Free up those surfaces of this clutter! Now, I know what you’re thinking: where do we put these small items now? The answer is on the next step…

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2. Use bowls, trays, and baskets to contain items

Use bowls, trays, and baskets to contain those items you have that have lost their original packaging or items you constantly reach for when going about your daily routine. This can include keys, earrings, watches, and a lot more. This is important because it helps you find your things much easier because they’re housed all in one place.

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3. Re-think your furniture

Take a look at your furniture. If you think that chair just functions as something you put your unused clothes on instead of a place to sit, then maybe it’s time to take that chair out. Get rid of furniture that you are not really using and either find a better place for them around your house or give it to someone who needs it more!

In a similar way, try and find multi-functional pieces that not only serve multiple purposes but may also save you tons of space.

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4. Declutter your closet

Decluttering your bedroom also includes decluttering your closet. Get rid of clothes that are already too small for you or that you no longer need. Make an effort to organize your wardrobe too! Arrange them, hang them with hangers, and fold them all neatly. You can try using nifty organizers too for your undies and socks.

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5. Get rid of broken things

As you go through your things while decluttering, you may encounter a lot of things that are broken or are no longer functional. It’s time to throw them out! Keeping stuff because of its sentimental value will only increase the clutter in your room. Besides, what’s important is that you keep the memories in your heart.

Once you’ve finished doing the steps above, the important thing for you to do now is to maintain that cleanliness in your room (or at least make it last for a few months). Here are some tips on how to make sure your room is tidy and clutter-free every day.

1. Be consistent in decluttering your room

Expect that even if you clean your bedroom now, it’ll most likely attract dust after a few days or weeks. Be ready to declutter again, and be consistent in doing it.

2. Get rid of mess right away

Every day, check all the surfaces, the chair, the bed, and every space in your room and tidy up any mess you may find right away to avoid them piling up.

3. Put a basket in your room for laundry

To prevent having your dirty clothes be strewn all over your room, place a laundry basket in a spot next to your door. Have a set of empty hangers on hand too. That way, you’ll be more inclined to keep your freshly laundered clothes in your closet right away instead of letting them pile up in a designated spot.

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Decluttering our rooms may require a lot of work, but I can guarantee you that it’s always going to be worth it. After all, your bedroom is your safe space; it’s only right that you make it as comfortable as it’s meant to be!

Do you have any other tips for those who want to declutter their room? Share them in the comments.


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