nawwTy’s Kitchen: Serving Something Delicious This Holiday Season!

Nawwtys Kitchen

nawwTy’s Kitchen, that custom catering creation by no other than The Gourmand Market’s Trish Panlilio, will be serving an array of delicious goodies this upcoming holidays! Started back in 2014, nawwTy’s Kitchen started out as a suggestion after the success of the The Gourmand Market. It has been serving scrumptious food since then.

One way of describing the dishes of nawwTy’s Kitchen is “custom luxury comfort food” as they serve gourmet heirloom dishes and food inspired by their travels. It is indeed a different take on catered food as every dish is top-restaurant class that does not just look good but is delicious as well.

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Nawwtys Kitchen

Nawwtys Kitchen

Starting off with grissini wrapped pancetta and arugula, and artichoke and spinach dip was an excellent introduction to what is to come. The fattiness and saltiness of the pancetta balance well with the bitterness of the arugula. The artichoke and spinach dip is a safe choice as it gives off a familiar casserole taste if you don’t like the bitterness of the arugula.

Nawwtys KitchenPan con tomate with grouper, an hors d’oeuvres, can be enjoyed with their refreshing juices or selection of wine

Nawwtys Kitchen

Paella Valenciana with saffron sauceprobably my favorite dish of the night. Creamy rice, the smokiness of the chorizo, the sweetness of the clams, those juicy chicken bits, and rounded off with the saffron sauce.

This is paella done right since you can also scrape out the toasted rice from the bottom of the pan and that is how proper paella should be! I would not be surprised if you lined up for seconds or thirds of this dish.

Nawwtys KitchenThe chicken farfalle pasta salad is a must for pasta lovers. Juicy chicken, creamy sauce, fresh vegetables and, al dente pasta. The colorful presentation itself will make your mouth water.

Nawwtys Kitchen

Slow roasted ribs—another dish worth booking nawwTy’s Kitchen for, for your celebration. This is so good and so tender that the meat falls off the bone. How does it taste? Like kissing an angel. This doesn’t taste like your ordinary roasted ribs; they taste a bit more sophisticated than the regular smoked and barbecued kind. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I’m sure that there are Chinese spices somewhere within the flavor profile.

Nawwtys Kitchen

Of course you can’t end the night without some dessert. Brulee poached peaches, poached fresh peaches (and I mean fresh, not those bottled or canned), sprinkled with sugar and caramelized over flame. Sweet, savory and fresh!

Nawwtys Kitchen

Then the bacon flavored ice cream. Oh the home made bacon flavored ice cream! The not too sweet vanilla-bacon base, the candied bacon bits, the caramel tuile, and the dollop of apple sauce easily make this sweet and savory dessert the best way to cap the night off.

Nawwtys Kitchen 14

Under the helm of nawwTy’s Kitchen is Chef Jon, a veteran of the kitchen of The Intercontinental Manila who makes sure that every dish served is perfect. Prices range from PHP 1200.00 up to PHP 4500.00, and they are well-worth for your own buffet experience or for a sit-down catering complete with a sophisticated feel.

Whether your party is as intimate as a four-person dinner or a party of 60 people, nawwTy’s Kitchen’s customized, special, and incredible food and service will never let you look at catered food the same way again.

 nawwTy’s Kitchen

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