Natural Fruit Juice In A Bottle: Enjoy Refreshing and Healthy Drinks At Johann Coffee And Beverages

As we become a digital nation, everything we need is literally a tap away. Our lifestyle changes drastically and sometimes, we cannot cope anymore.

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Luckily, the best things in life are sweet and decadent! When you visit Johann Coffee and Beverages, make sure to try a slice of their Milanese Tiramisu. 🙂

As a result, we get stressed and develop chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, just to name a few. Truth be told, we only value our health when we are sick. When we are sick, we don’t have any choice but to go back to basics: rest, eat and drink well.

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In fact, doctors, parents, grandparents, always ask us to do one thing: drink plenty of fluids. Because the most common reason why people get admitted to the hospital is due to dehydration.

Oftentimes, they would recommend fresh fruit juices and/or eat green leafy vegetables to flush out bad toxins.

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Juicing in undoubtedly booming in the Philippines. You’ve probably joined the trend, but since it’s a tad bit expensive, we tend to use the alternatives, which are juices with preservatives and high sugar content.

What makes Johann Blends unique are:

  • All juices are 100% natural and fresh
  • Their bottles are inexpensive. The prices range from 65-85/per bottle
  • It’s being processed by trusted manufacturers and distributors like Fruit Magic.

As we all know, Fruit Magic has been in the industry for almost two decades now. They are considered as the ‘godfather’ of all fresh fruit juices in the Philippines. As luck would have it, they are now a proud partner of Johann Coffee and Beverages.

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I loved the refreshing taste of Coco Melon. You could taste the freshness right off the bat. When I get sick back in Australia, I would combat it with fresh fruit juices and vegetables. Usually, a combination of fresh fruit juice and a spinach veggie roll would save me from fatigue and stress.

Vitamin C gives your body a BIG boost in producing estrogen too. So, for women with PCOS, it could help if you drink fresh fruit juices like Johann Blends. The Vitamin C content can influence your menstrual cycles, therefore, prevents cramps and promote regular menstrual period.

What about the shelf life?

I knew you’d ask. Since, Johann Blends are made naturally, with no added preservatives, you can only store it for 2-3 days. Just like any fresh fruit at home like banana or ripe mangoes, it will taste rotten after a few days. Even though you put them in the fridge, it’ll only last 2-3 days.

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So, best drinking it right away!

Where can I find Johann Blends?

Johann Coffee and Beverages have eight (8) branches in Metro Manila:

  1. Valero St. Makati
  2. BlueBay Walk in Pasay City
  3. Festival Mall
  4. Robinson’s Metro East
  5. Gateway Tower, Level 3
  6. Gateway Tower, Level 5
  7. SM Lanang, Davao
  8. Caltex, Iba Malhacan Road, Meycuayan Bulacan

Johann Blends, however, are available at their full stores, which are Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City and Valero Street, Makati City for now. Soon, all outlets will be able to serve these 100% natural juices!

Overall Conclusion

Johann Coffee and Beverages is an innovative company that is yearning for quality, yet inexpensive products like coffee and fresh fruit juices. They thought everyone deserves a perfect shot in life.

Kristine S Lim Johann

JKL Beverages Corporation’s CEO Kristine S. Lim, together with Fruit Magic’s Marketing Manager, Arielle, promoting a healthy lifestyle at a reasonable price. Screengrab from @notyourordinarymum Instagram.

Their unprecedented concept will help alleviate health issues by providing low-cost items such as Johann Blends. With that, the more I love and patronize the products. Moreover, the rawness and natural enzymes are present, without compromising my wallet. Therefore, it’s healthier for myself and my wallet! As for my personal favorites, I loved the Coco Melon and Coco Cane Bloom.

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So, why look for something expensive when you can get it at a very reasonable price at Johann Coffee and Beverages? If you are into a healthy lifestyle and juicing, you must try Johann Natural Blends available at selected Johann Coffee and Beverages outlets.

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Johann offers no frills, no fuss, just simple coffee and natural fresh fruit juices. You must taste it to appreciate.

Johann Coffee and Beverages


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