National Astronomy Week 2020: A New Decade of Opportunity in Philippine Astronomy

Come and celebrate National Astronomy Week with the University of the Philippines Astronomical Society for a fun, informative, and holistic experience of space education. This March 7, the organization will welcome students and teachers from secondary schools to the UP Diliman Campus where they can participate in a series of activities including Big Bang, an astronomy quiz show; Take Off!, a rocket-making competition; Parallax, a teachers’ workshop.

, and Star Trails (Yaman ng Sariling Kalangitan), an astronomical photography contest open to all Filipino citizens.

rsz naw poster

The event will revolve around the theme “NAW 2020: A New Decade of Opportunity in Philippine Astronomy”. No doubt, the past years have pushed open new doors in the field of science, and UP AstroSoc looks ahead with high hopes for the many aspiring scholars of the country. Learning is not limited to the four walls of the classroom, and the organization values its commitment to promoting an awareness of astronomy in a manner that fosters scientific thinking, healthy competitive attitudes, and strong leadership skills among its student-participants.

Sign up now at tinyurl.com/UPAstroSocNAW2020 or feel free to reach out at naw.upastrosoc@gmail.com. Now at the turn of the decade, you’re invited to be a part of this annual celebration that aims to educate young minds and empower the scientists of the future.